These are the circumstances under which it’s not possible to close a project. This topic describes per circumstance what to to do be able to close a project.

There are still unsubmitted time entries on this project
Ask the employee to submit the listed time entries. If you have the role ‘Support Staff’ you can go to the time entry of the employees and submit for them.
You can access time entries of other employees via the action menu on the employee card or the timer icon on the employee page.

There are still unapproved time entries on this project
Since you’re the project manager, you have probably pending actions for approving submitted time entries. Go to ‘My actions’ to see these pending actions.

There are still un-invoiced time entries on this project
Approved time entries should be invoiced to be able to close a project. These time entries can be invoiced with option ‘Create draft invoice’ in the project menu.

Purchase invoices linked to this project need to be approved
A purchase invoice is booked as costs on a project. The listed project manager(s) need to approve the purchase invoice. They should have an action in ‘My Actions’ for approval of a purchase invoice which is related to the project.

Purchase invoices linked to this project need to be invoiced
A purchase invoice is booked on the listed deliverable(s), which needs to be invoiced to the customer.
This can be solved by creating a draft invoice for this project using the option ‘Create draft invoice’ in the project menu.

There are unapproved expenses on this project
The listed expenses should be approved by the project manager(s) of the project. Requests for approval are listed in section ‘My Actions’ of the project managers. Approving or rejecting these approval requests will make it possible to close the project.

There are un-invoiced expenses on this project
Approved expenses are booked on this project and are staged for invoicing. All approved expenses which should be invoiced to the customer should be processed in the invoice of the project.
To do this, you’ll need to generate a draft invoice and make sure the invoice is approved, so all expenses are invoiced.

There are ‘Fixed price’ deliverables on this project without any billing periods
Each fixed price deliverable with a fixed price amount should have billing periods. Billing periods can be added with option ‘Invoicing Schedule’ in the action menu of the deliverable.

There are un-invoiced ‘Fixed price’ deliverables on this project
A project cannot be closed when a fixed price deliverable has are un-invoiced billing periods. All billing periods of the invoice schedule should be invoiced.
To do this, you can generate a draft invoice. Please note, that when creating a draft invoice, billing periods are invoiced which the invoicing date is today or earlier.

There are unapproved draft invoices on this project
Projects cannot be closed, when there are draft invoices pending for approval.
To solve this, one of the project managers needs to approve the pending draft invoice so it’s finalized and send to the customer. Approvel requests of draft invoices are listed in ‘My Actions’ of the project manager(s).

You need to specify the opening balances for revenue and costs on all these deliverables
When you start using VOGSY you can assign for each deliverable what costs and revenues were realized in the previous system. In function ‘Project opening balance’ you can assign the revenue and costs for each deliverable.
If all openings balances are inserted, you can mark them as done. Also, you’ll need to specify that the openings balances are done, so VOGSY doesn’t ask you to specify the costs and revenue for future deliverables. This can be done by toggling switch ‘Opening balances for projects are done’ on in function ‘Companies and departments’.

Opening balance of all deliverables are required to be invoiced
When specifying the opening balance, it’s possible to assign if realized revenue needs to be invoiced in VOGSY.
These opening balances need to be invoiced to be able to close a project.

There is a financial journal required for closing projects
When a project is closed, bookings are made and financial transactions are created. To do this, a journal for closing projects is needed. This journal can be defined in back office function Journals. In this function, you can add a journal and type is as ‘Opening balance ledger’.


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